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When Michael Jackson died, many people decided to commemorate him by listening to his music or watching his videos. I have another way of commemorating him, I decided to fire up my arcade emulator on the computer and play Michael Jackson's Moonwalker.

I played this video game in the arcades when I was younger. Our local arcade had the cabinet which allowed 3 people to play at the same time so my brother and my dad played the game with me. My brother did not care whether he was busy with his thesis or whatever he was doing at that time, when my father called out that we would go to arcade, he immediately went with us.

It was fun playing the video game. I was able to hear synthesized versions of thriller, bad, and smooth criminal as well as see the digitized Michael Jackson dance and beat up opponents. I was so enamored with the game, that I had an emulator version, and played it whenever I needed a break from my thesis writing, or studying.

While many people know MJ for his songs and dances, this video game is another testament to his popularity and appeal to people.

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