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iMedX Award to the Physician 2.0

iMedX and MDPIXX are happy to announce a partnership and common Call for the Award to the Physician 2.0 (best clinical case)

The award consists is one Apple iPhone for the winner.


The Award is only addressed to medical doctors
Each iMedX doctor will introduce one or more Clinical Cases at MDPIXX ( End date to introduce a medical case will be July 22nd at 12PM (CET Time).

The Award will be valid always that a minimum of 300 clinical cases are introduced to MDPIXX by iMedX users.

The most valued case provided by MDPIXX platform (social users) will automatically be awarded. Cases value will be obtained on this sequence in case of draw:

1. Clinical Case qualification (stars)
2. Number of votes.
3. Comments by other users
4. Number of visits to that particular case

The doctor candidate for Award must meet the following requirements during the period:

1. Candidate must be registered as iMedX user and also correctly registered at MDPIXX (; with all professional data completed. Same username may be used in both sites to identify the winner.
2. Introduce a minimum of 1 clinical case on MDPIXX (more are also accepted)
3. Invite 10 colleagues or more to participate in the award
4. Discuss and / or vote on a minimum of 10 clinical cases of other colleagues
5. The case should have at least two associated pictures or videos and have been voted over 30 times by other users.

The sponsors reserve the right to refuse to contest the contents of which contradict one presentation so unreasonably and not reasoned scientific evidence available at any given moment, in which case, it shall inform the author of privately. Likewise, not be allowed to contest the contents of which contradict one submission rules of order of Ethics or rules that ensure data protection or medical confidentiality.

For the purposes of complying with the provisions of the Data Protection and Privacy regulations and with the precepts of the prevailing legislation in the field of medical confidentiality must be guaranteed the absence of events that could pose a patient identification.

Those responsible for the information submitted for the contest are solely the author of the same, pledging to respond to any questions you are asked.

All clinical cases introduced, will be available for consultation in MDPIXX.

Participation in this Award, represents the total acceptance by the author of the bases exposed.

For any question contact

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