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Prof. Dr SOHEILA Khazaei
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Prof. Dr SOHEILA Khazaei's Page

Profile Information

Organization / Institution
Ministry of health,Medical university
Medical professor,Health adviser
International Health Advocate
Education (College, Graduate Training, Post-graduate training, Post-Doc, Residency, and fellowship)
Super specialist of pediatric infectious diseases-

Experience (Work, Research, Travel, Missions)
RESEARCHER,WRITING OF BOOKS,Educational manager of medical university,pediatric group header,clinical group header of university,Health adviser in Ministry of health,Travel to other countries for article presentation
Honors, Society Memberships, or other Affiliations
pediatrics(Iran),ESPID,Infectious diseases(Iran),Toxicology ,pediatric nutrition,writting of medical curriculum,writing of medical neonatal guidelines,......
Places I've travelled to and worked in (City, State, District, Country, etc.)
Languages I know
Languages I'd like to learn
Your goals / mission within the global health community
About Me
High school end in 1363(2 course year in one year during school courses – class 4 and 5 in one year )
Initiating University exam score : area 1-251 score
MD ( first 10% score in final exam) and pediatric specialist from Mashhad university (IRAN) in 1372
Superspecialist of pediatric infectious diseases in 1385(2006)
Best researcher in Ilam (Thanks table) 2001 and 2002 and 2003
Best professor in Ilam(Thanks table) 2001 and 2002
Member of scientific association :
1- breast milk
2- poisoninig
3- biotechnology
4- genetic
5- microbiology
6- allergy and immunity
7- hepatitis
8- psechyatrics(pediatric)
9- infectious diseases
10- Tuberculosis
11- Poliomyelitis

Literary works:
1- Releasing from cancer (printed in year 2000)
2- 236 question about women diseases (1th print in2001-2th print in2003,3th print 2004,4th print 2005)
3- Hypoglycemia in infants and children (2005)
4- Baby massage (1th print2006,2th print2007)
5- Why my baby, thumb suching,bed wetting (1th print in2003-2th print in 2004,3th print 2005,4th print 2007)
6- Basic nutrition (in print)
Articles in journals:
1- Risk factors in febrile convulsions in children (Ilam medical journal N.36 2002)
2- Forign body aspiration ,hypoxia and convulsion (case report , Ilam medical journal N.34 2002)
3- Caffein an spontaneous abortion (Ilam medicl journal,N37 2002)
4- Rebound hyperbillirubinemia in neonates (2006,in arbitration)
5- Comparison of neutrophil apoptosis by the pseudomonas aeruginosa exotoxins between healthy adults, immunocompromised children, and neonate (In Pediatrc Oncall ejournal in following link:
6-investigation of low birth weight incidence and it’s risk factors in Ilam( In Pediatrc Oncall ejournal)

Lectures in international congress:
Number Name of congress Location(university) Date Title
1 AIDS Birjand 1998 Pediatric AIDS

2 Prevention of Diabetes Birjand 2000 Nutrition and Diabetes

Title Location Date Name of congress Number
Etics Mashhad 1998 Islam and medicine 3
LBW Tehran 2000 pediatrics 4
Health and smoking kermanshah 2000 Public healths 5
Chemical prophylaxia from malignancy kermanshah 2000 Public health 5
Acupuncture medicine Tehran 2000 traditional medicine 6
Benefits of apple Tehran 2000 Traditional medicine 7
IDDM and pediatric Ilam 2000 MD education program 8
Skin lesions in children Ilam 2001 MD education (weekly) 9
Fluroquinolons in MDR TB Sheeraze 2001 TB 10
Caffeine and spontaneous abortion Tehran 2001 Infertility and environmental factors 11
Islamic psychiatric and stress Tehran 2000 Role of religion inmental health 12
Calory intake and role in developing tumors Tehran 2000 Hematology,oncology 13
Effects of food regiemen in tumors Tehran 2000 Hematology,oncology 14
Fever and convulsions and related factors Tehran 2000 13th international pediatric congress 15
Fasting and health effects Tehran 2000 اhealth and fasting 16
rebound icter Tehran 2001 Pediatric medicine 17
Hope giving and Allah Tehran 2001 Non drug treatment in psyciatrics 18
New findings inpain physiology Tehran 2001 Lumbar pain 19
Enuresis and ADH Tehran 2001 Pediatric UTI 20
Rapid treatment of burning Tehran 2001 burning 21
Honey dressing in burning treatment Tehran 2001 burning 22
syallorhea treatment Tehran 2001 14th international pediatric diseases 23
Protein s-100 changes in diseases Tehran 2001 Anatomy of brain cortex 24
Prevention of infection in endoscopic unit Tehran 2001 Microbiology laboratory 25
Disinfection in hospitals Tehran 2001 Prevention from hospital infections 26
Tic in children Tehran 2001 Neurologic science 27
Perinatal factors and leukemia Tehran 2001 Prevention in noncontagious diseases 28
Streptoccoc and behavioral disorders Tehran 2001 5th international congress of microbiology 29
Fetal abortion(concepts) Tehran 2001 Gorgany 30
Thalasothrapy and hydrotherapy in SCI Tehran 2001 Spinal cord diseases 31

Nucturia in children Ilam 2001 Behavioral disorders in pediatric 32
Predisposing factors in lymphoma Tehran 2001 pediatrics 33
TB Incidence inIlam Tehran 2001 17th international congress TB 34
Risk factors for LBW Tehran 2002 15th international pediatric congress 35
Malnutrition in pediatric Ilam 2002 Weekly medical seminars 36
Metabolic change in cancers Ahvaze 2002 Biochemical international congress 37
Nutrients recommendations in tuberculosis Tehran 2002 ICU and lung diseases 38
Sound role in joint disease treatment Tehran 2002 Hip joint 39
ICSI and abnormal caryotype Tehran 2002 genetic 40
Rosemary and hair treatment Tehran 2002 Hair disease 41
Neonatal mortality causes Tehran 2002 25th Dr. Ghareeb congress 42
Iron deficiency effects on immune system and malignancy Tehran 2002 2th congress of prevention from noncontagious diseases 43
Turine benefits in breast milk Tehran 2001 13th international pediatric congress 44
Oral complications in cigarette smoking Tehran 2001 periodontology 45
Educational medicine progression Tehran 2001 Urgent medicine 46
Islam and fetal abortion Tehran 2001 Fetal abortion 47
Ileus treatment after surgery Tehran 2002 Surgical congress 48
Malaria vaccination Tehran 2002 Internal medicine 49
pneumonia Tehran 2000 MD educational congress 50
Parasitic infections Tehran 2004 Infectious diseases in Iran 51
Treatment of vomiting Tehran 2004 Gastrointestinal diseases in pediatric surgery 52
Dietary and medical treatment for constipation Tehran 2004 Gastrointestinal diseases in pediatric surgery 53
Psycologic effects of crisis events in children Tehran 2004 اhealth and crisis organization 54
Mental aspects of terrorism Tehran 2004
Nutritional factor in TB 19TH INTERNATIONAL PEDIATRIC CONGRESS Tehran 2007

کودک و آینده جشنواره خوارزمی مشهد آبان 1386

location date appreciative Number
Birjand 1997 Educational assistant of university 1
Ghochan 1995 Educational assistant and chairman of university 2
Birjand 1997 اhygienic assistant of university 3
Tehran 1997 Health minister 4
Birjand 1997 Chairman of hospital 5
Birjand 1997 Care assistant of university 6
Ilam 2002 University chairman 7
Ilam 2002 university chairman 8
Ilam 2002 Iran leader 9
Ilam 2002 research-educational assistant of university 10
2002 researcher assistant of university 11
Ilam 2002 Chairman of Red cross 12
Ilam May 2003 Research and educational assistant of university 13
Ilam 2003 University chairman 14
Esphehan 2003 University chairman 15
Ilam July 2003 Researcher and educational assistant of university 16
Ilam June 2003 Chairman of university,research and educational assistant of university,EDC chairman 17
Ilam 2004 University chairman 18
Ilam 2004 Hospital chairman 19
Ilam 2004 Iran leader 20
Ilam 2004 Hospital chairman 21
Ilam 2004 Researcher and educational assistant of university 22
Ilam 2004 Boss register professors and best parts of university 23
Ilam 2004 Governor –general assistant and women adviser of Governor 24

Birjand 1998-2000 Society medicine header 1
Quochan 1996-1994 Pediatric group header 2
Ilam 2001-2004 Treatment supervise commitee member 3
Ilam 2001-2004 Member of Liberary council of university 4
Ilam 2002-2004 Member of Researcher council of university 5
Ilam 2002-2004 Member of Educational council of university 6
Ilam 2001-2004 Member of mortality committee 7
Ilam 2000-2004 Pediatric group header 8
Ilam 2001-2004 DTU header 9
Ilam 2001-2004 Breast milk educational header 10
Ilam 2001-2004 Member of Hospital infectious control committee 11
Ilam 2001-2004 Member of English book selection of university 12
Ilam 2002-2004 Clinical group header medical 13
Ilam 2000-2004 Educational assistant of hospital 14
Ilam 2000-2004 Pediatric group header 15
Ilam 2000-2004 Member of province breast milk committee 16
Ilam 2002-2004 Member of MR committee 17
Ilam 2002-2003 Member of MANA committee 18
Ilam 2002-2004 Member of examining board of university 19
Workshop header:
1- CDD
2- Breast milk
3- Nutrition
5- Weekly conferences of hospital
6- Genetic courses
7- Nutrition courses 20
Personal Interests and Hobbies (Non-Medical)
http://professor.dr.soheila khazaei
I am looking for:
Networking, job opportunities, collaborative ventures and projects, discussing global health topics, all of the above and more!

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At 1:14pm on November 30, 2008, Miss Anna Majzoub al-Khalifa. said…
My Dearest,
My name is Miss Anna. i am a female I was impressed when i saw your profile and will like to establish a long lasting relationship with you. In addition,i will like you to reply me through my e mail box ( ) .This is because i don't know the possibilities of remaining in forum for a long time. please If you are interested in knowing more about me, and for me to send you some pictures of mine,
Thanks waiting to hear from you .
With love,
Miss Anna.
At 5:31am on September 20, 2009, Dr.Hamid Daneshmand said…
وسلام واحترام
دکتر دانشمند هستم که در بیمارستان مفید افتخار رزیدنت شما را داشتم
At 5:48am on September 20, 2009, Dr.Hamid Daneshmand said…
باسلام و احترام
دکتر دانشمند هستم که در بیمارستان مفید رزیدنت شما بودم
کار واجبی داشتم شماره موبایل و ایمیل شما را میخواستم.موبایل و ایمیلم
با تشکر

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