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guyz write ur personal opinionz how u can get hold on pharma as some people are very bad crammers so how they can improve?????????

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You can try flashcards and do practice questions.
Estoy de acuerdo contigo Susan , cuando era estudiante de medicina yo utilice ese metodo de estudio,me funcionaba ;la asociacion mental con juegos de palabras o imagenes lo aplicaba tambien para los examenes .La farmacologia para mi era algo no tan facil cuando veiamos mecanismos de accion e interaccion farmacológica. En la practica medica conocer todo ésto es de mucha utilidad , ya que prescribir una "receta " implica estar estudiando , informándote , y decidir si es lo mejor para tu paciente no dejandonos influenciar por alguna marca comercial de patente que sea muy popular..... got to know certain things which are required to be known and den read dem from good books like ran n dale which has so many lucid and explicit diagrams
hi, i'm new here and id like to meet people, students. pharmacology... uhmm well you jz have to read it over and over till you get it and there are some basics, if you lkike biochemistry then you ll like pharm, no one wants to fail! its not that hard for me though. have a great day.



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