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Dear Colleagues,

I would like to ask you, what is the relation between, and The first and the second seem to be the same project (which web address is prefered to sign in?), the third website seems to be some other community, but the name is confusing...

Thank you for your reply, Vee

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Dear Vee,
Please note we are not a business. This is a NON-PROFIT organization and website. We are not affiliated with ""

It is true we also run Ning, the great open-source platforum for social networking, so our background social network name is I recommend you use because that is our official webpage.

We apologize for the name as after we named this organization, we realize there are also other groups called and which are also all "international medical exchange" of some sort or another. We will consider changing our name down the road to avoid confusion.

But let it be known, that we are a nonprofit networking group focused on promoting international health topics and connecting those interested in global medicine advancement.

Best regards, Team

Dear Vee,

We have changed our name to Global Health Rounds -- there should be definitely less confusion with imedexchange now!  Best,

Global Health Rounds Team



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