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New way to discuss clinical cases: the web 2.0 revolution

MDPIXX is the first social networks of clinical content (medical images, videos and cases) where the community values the cases and comment them. Free to use. Find more at

The risk of the platform is value. Best valued cases are rated by all of you not by any board of directors or experts comitee.

Can this be the future of medical content?

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Interesting site! Thanks for the link. If you want to do a link exchange, please let us know.
I think it can be a good idea to do a link exchange but I thik we can go further and organise something more interesting for both communities which I see they are absoluteley compatible.

We have just gone with an MDPIXX Award to the best clinical case in Spain. Intel is sponsoring and provides a laptop to the best case.

We could organise the best MDPIXX Clinical Case from a iMedX user. We can find an sponsor (laboratory) and the requierement is a clinical case at MDPIXX from a user registered at iMedX ;-)

How do you like the idea?

Hi Miguel, That sounds great. Contact me via private email at and we can talk some more. We will soon be posting a partner list and I propose I list you as a partner. Also Perhaps we can post some cases --- with the help of iMedx users. Perhaps we use your widget and post some cases here. I will start the process.

But we can definitely do the best MDPIXX Clinical Case from a IMedX member,
iMedx Admin Team



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